day care marketing

Our Approach

Our number one focus is to help a provider of care - whether you are a medical practice or an electronic innovator in care delivery - to connect with your community. This might mean helping to properly package a product or service and then conducting a professional introduction to your core market. That often includes a re-design of a message or the image of a message, all designed to make marketing effective and wide-ranging.

A variety of tools can assist including:

1. Organized, researched, regularly visited search engine placement
2. Management of your social media
3. Management of your complete online web presence
4. Management of your video channel including the creation and edit of an ongoing video library
5. Neighbor education of your special services or special aspects of your operation
6. Direct mail targeted based upon the most specific criteria
7. Email list building with pre-authorization
8. Market research to help you make meaningful, long-term outreach decisions

We are well-equipped to be your new source of ideas and message execution.

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