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There are tons of marketing concepts and new ones being introduced all the time.  Let’s face it, marketing is about developing and disseminating a message that will lead to a positive response.  We are communicating with humans and the needs and interests of humans are changing all the time, necessitating a change in the type of message sometimes.

Bottom-line is we need a message that works, hence the discussion on empathy marketing.  It simply means that we become adept at helping someone to see how what we offer solves their problems.  Takes us back to the story of a case manager who helped seniors and the disabled locate care in community based settings.


Most of his referrals came from nursing homes.  Why?  His background allowed him to understand the frustration that nursing home social workers and discharge planners felt when families were unresponsive or uncooperative when it was time to locate options after discharge.  Some would be given tons of help including during care conferences throughout the nursing home stay but appeared frozen in time when it was time to make decisions.  Often guardians acted the same away.

Soon this case manager would sit in on care conferences, pursue options for families and guardians and monitor their care after discharge.  He held the responsible party’s hands during a challenging time.

This created a workable and sustainable care management model for highly vulnerable adults.  He marketed to the need for social workers in the nursing home environment to have an extra set of eyes, ears and hands to get the job done and minimize uncompensated care.  He demonstrated that he understood their challenges.  He responded to their occupational hazards.  He empathized.  He won the business!

So are you marketing to a specific audience?  If so you might want to learn how you can empathize with and address their challenges head-on.  The approach leads to tons of new relationships and generally the business will follow.


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