Every Business – Including the Medical Practice – Needs Refreshing


Imagine if the buyers of the Cadillac in 1956 could be relied upon to keep buying Cadillacs today.  Well it just does not work that way.  People change.  People change their mind.  People die.  This means that all of us have to refresh that list of those we serve and of those we pursue.

Sadly the American medical practice has lagged even behind the hospital in terms of directed, highly-targeted, strategic patient engagement and recruitment initiatives.  Both require consistency.  Together they compose that special blend of combing the community for new patients while engaging existing patients in a sincere, proactive and preventative way.

We design and manage these engagement programs, complementing the medical practice with:

  1. Marketing for new patients once an Ideal Patient Profile is completed
  2. Engaging existing patients through special communications, surveys and updates on practice adjustments


We study income variations in neighborhoods, public health program enrollments and more to help a medical practice maintain a  fresh crop of new patients.  Innovatively we even brainstorm with medical practices and design a means to help the practice tighten relationships.

Yes, it would be great if the Cadillac buyer of yesteryear were still around but since they are not, refresh the practice and keep new faces benefiting from what you do.


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