Good Marketers are Not Hit and Run Artists


   Bruce McCollum       Care Services Marketer

Marketers in care are like many others, the message needs to be concise, meaningful and professional.  However, there is another highly necessary ingredient, “consistency”.  Far too many will initiate a communication or deliver pertinent information and then give up.  How can that lead to a nurtured, well-founded relationship?

Can human relationships in other categories, parent/child, romantic partners, etc. succeed with such an approach?  Absolutely not.

Example:  Tons of nursing home patients must be discharged to community based care environments, such as small-scale assisted living in group homes.  Many of these high quality programs are now geared toward the medically fragile and are significantly less expensive than the nursing home and the care is delivered in a more dignified manner.

Social workers and discharge planners in nursing homes and hospitals are trained to be quality of life focused.  Therefore, the program that provides a true indication that your home meets this standard will likely obtain the most attention but this will not be the case with one contact.  The first contact may be the delivery of information but after that there must be other communications, even visits when you stress:


  1. Your desire to buy lunch for key staff and deliver a presentation.  In this presentation you will stress what sets you apart in a powerfully delivered message with hand-outs.  Trust me, your name will pop into the minds of key personnel when they are helping a family to arrange a discharge.
  2. Special care delivery experience of your officers or key personnel
  3. Your special experience in solving problems
  4. Your previously demonstrated commitment to the nursing home operation

In-between the first visit wherein you dropped off key information, you might fax a reminder that you would like an audience but only if when you delivered the package you obtained a key social worker’s name.  Then be sure the introductory language in the next communication explains that you value their time and you do not care to disrespect that or be an annoyance.  Instead you want to contribute to their ability to identify the highest quality options for patients for whom they are helping to coordinate smooth discharges.

A postcard a week or two later is just as meaningful.  Just be sure and keep your database organized so you are not duplicating the same mailing to the same parties so often.


When you organize an open house event be sure and invite them by name and be sure your Google profile has a link to the event so there is an on-line reminder.

One-time communications do not work.  Relationships cannot be built on that.  So be consistent and make tons of new friends who will be incredibly valuable for your business.

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