Group Homes Must Articulate How Your Services are Tiered

groups-homesGroup homes serves multiple communities.  For many professional providers the business has evolved.  Services are more sophisticated as are newer owners and that sophistication has to extend to marketing.

One of the more important tools in this process is knowing how to tier your services.  Surely some residents – short and long-term – will require more assistance than others. If you charge one price for everyone it might appear in your mind you are being fair and simple.  In the minds of the discerning care shopper you are being shortsighted and are running a business without regard for the cost of doing business.  This makes you look absolutely ill-equipped to be running a residential care program.

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To avoid this issue examine your costs.  If necessary have your accountant help you to establish what your operational costs are.  Then develop a document to be reviewed with the representatives of prospective residents that identifies your services by category and breaks down your fee structure, including how it in influenced.  Click Here for a sample.

Establishing and being able to articulate specific tiers of your services adds a level of specialization, marketing savvy, cost understanding and professionalism to your group home operation.

In the absence of it, you could find yourself in a box with many others who would not be trusted to care for the family dog!

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