In Care Marketing, You Have to Make a Splash

You Need to Make a Splash

Our focus is the need to make a real a splash in healthcare marketing.


Many in adult day care and assisted living could take a lesson from the pharmaceutical industry.  At one time their approach was to introduce new medications solely to hospitals and medical practices and then all that changed.  One day you started hearing on the radio and watching on the television commercials advising you to “ask your doctor about Lipitor”.  This is just one example.

Yes, the pharmaceutical industry started taking their message to the end-user.  Community based care providers must do the same.

Think for just a moment if you serve seniors or even the disabled in your community. You can open an account on-line at  From there you can order lists of households where someone lives over a certain age by zip code and even in certain income brackets.  Build a database for postcard mailings in order to strengthen your referral base.  Your business is people and the generation you cater to must know who you are and how you operate.  These people know other people who have long-term care needs.


Postcards are Read 5 Times More Often Than Letters

Locate the right graphic artist to design a meaningful postcard and start communicating with your community.

Next is the medium of radio.  Many local stations allow 30-second spots during peak times for as little as $35.00 per spot.  That means for $3500.00 you are heard over the airways 100 times.  That makes a splash!

Your business is people.  You cannot serve them and those they know unless you reach out to them via mass media.

None of this means you ignore your referral sources and other business supporting strategies.  The strategy we discussed herein just kicks things up a notch so you can make a real splash.

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