Pharmacies Can be Powerful Intellectual Partners in Care

One common denominator in all care environments, and we are talking primarily about residential environments, is the need to administer medications.  Whether its the nightly cholesterol reducer (statin), afternoon anxiety reducer, (Ativan) or the application of insulin on a sliding scale, it has to be done.  This can also extend to special assistance such as with CPAP usage or ventilation therapy.


Generally pharmacy delivery organizations arrange for medications to be delivered to skilled nursing centers, adult foster care and other assisted living environments.  However, the role of a pharmacy can extend beyond providing drugs.

Throughout America, state and county administrative rules require training in medication administration for not only nurses but direct care staff who must fill the role of medication administrator in smaller environments where nursing personnel are not required.  Pharmacies would do well to consider the value of adding live staff training in Medication Administration – conducted by a nurse, pharmacist or other approved discipline – or do so using an on-line school as a special item at no cost for those who utilize their pharmacy services.


Not only is this a good marketing tool but allows the pharmacy to step out into the public health arena since avoiding or at least minimizing medication errors in care settings directly relates to public health.  Flu shorts and other vaccines being made available from the brick and mortar pharmacy are a great start, but mail order pharmacies and pharmacy delivery services have even more to offer by way of education.

PIC - PUBLIC HEALTH MONIKERHow can you go wrong being a part of the brain-trust in care delivery?

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