Something to Learn from Brookdale….


Likely all of us have seen the television commercials ran by this assisted living giant.  Some feature an aide being told of depression by a resident and then engaging that resident in more recreation.  Some feature kitchen staff making special allowances for a resident who may have made a special request.  Names and personal scenarios are used to demonstrate a highly personal approach to managing relationships.


As effective as this type of marketing  can be in the care business, we believe we do not see as much of it as we should in private duty home care, assisted living or adult day services.  So many have done a great job serving numerous people.  Many of them would love to tell their stories about how you impacted their lives if only you would ask.

At the same time there is nothing wrong with investigating the marketing strategies of others.  Many are utilizing effective techniques, including what we call “Testimonial Marketing” that this blog is addressing.  Hats off to Brookdale for making it a mainstay of their outreach.  Will you follow suit?

Get those releases signed, wave your flag!  After all, if you don’t tell your own story, who will?

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