Who We Serve

Who We Serve

We Specialize In:

Physician Practices: Is there special experience or credentialing among the physicians in your practice that add to what makes you special but few people are aware? How about experience among physicians or nurse practitioners in research, certifications or time abroad dealing with rare issues. This has special applicability to medical specialties.

Dental Practices: Are there 1,000 families within ten, (10) miles of where you operate whose insurance coverage you accept, but they have never heard from you?

Adult Day Health: Are there 50 families who are experiencing major caregiver stress but either are not aware of your existence or even what adult day health services are?

Home Care: Are you keeping up-to-date with the number of potentially disabled persons who may require your service due to recent accidents? Have you established relationships with those who coordinate care to ensure your capabilities are known?

Health & Safety Product Providers: Do you know how to craft your message to ensure the value of your product or service is understood? Have you given ample thought to niche markets you may not be touching? Are you fluent in dialogue with local and national media outlets and large retailers?

We are explorers not only of what you may or may not be doing but from a marketing perspective what you should be doing and with what result.

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